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A Letter to Me as Summer Approaches

Dear Me, Summer is nearly here. You get to stay home with your daughter all summer and that is the best news ever. Seriously, it is the BEST. I know that this is your favorite. I also know that all the togetherness can get a bit intense, and you’re already mourning the snippets of alone time you savored when your child was at school. Oh, and kids are hard sometimes. Even the best ones (which yours obviously is). You’re stressing about this change in routine. It’s a good and welcomed change, but it’s still a change. If telling you to…


Mother’s Day Can Be Complicated and That’s Okay

I’m not the first to say it, but I believe it bears repeating. MOTHER’S DAY IS HARD FOR SOME PEOPLE. It is a made up day that packs a punch full of expectation. It might be your thing. It might not be your thing. You don’t need anyone’s permission to feel the way you feel. Ever. But, just in case you need to read them, I’ll offer these words of truth. If you love Mother’s Day, by all means, please enjoy. Wear that pretty dress, sit proudly with your brood at church, enjoy those beautiful flowers, and eat that yummy…


My First Satire Piece!

Hey, hey! Guess what? It turns out that I’m not just a warm & fuzzy encourager. I’m also a snarky, passive-agressive introvert. Proof positive in this satire piece that I wrote for Sammiches & Psych Meds (MockMom). Scoot on over and give it a read. (Don’t forget to take your sense of humor, it’s satire, y’all. Pure sarcasm.)  

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Living Happily in the Beautiful, Messy, In Between Place

Hey guys! You can keep reading here, but I’d love if you’d hop on over and read this article on the Today Parenting Team. Once you’re there, at the top left of the article you’ll see a “vote up” option that can help give me a boost and you can leave comments here, there, or on Facebook. You guys are the best!   I’ve always been a planner, a list maker, an anticipator. For me, these things are coping mechanisms to fend off the anxiety of change and the unknown. They can, in fact, be very useful tools for an…

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Make Time For This, Mamas

Mamas, how many photos do you have of your kids? Thousands? Millions? How many of YOU with your kids? How many of those are not selfies? That’s what I thought. Make time for this. NOW. You will not regret it. Wash your hair, put on some lipstick, and let someone take beautiful photos of you with your children. It’s true what they say, they’re only little once. You’re sort of awesome at this mom thing and your kids adore you. Let someone capture a sliver of this precious, messy, beautiful season of life with your littles. The amazing Nikki Toth…


How to Eat an Elephant: Next Bite, Please

Hey, y’all. Mandy, here. (I’m from the south. I say y’all and I’m going to use it here, too.) I’m staring down a big ol’ elephant and I’m about to tell y’all all about it. All y’all. Every last one of you. You know that old saying that the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time? Well, I’d like to make an amendment. A bite only advances the cause of eating an elephant if you chew, swallow, and move on to the next bite. Otherwise you’re just gnawing the same, old, well-chewed bite for a…

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When You Need A Win & You Need It Now

Some days you kick butt and take names. Some days you wake up early feeling rested & refreshed, your kids are great listeners, and your husband buys you flowers for no reason at all. Some days you do all the things, you please all the people, and you look good doing it. Other days you hit snooze 4 times, start the day in a tizzy, trip over the dog, sling wet coffee grinds across the kitchen, knock over your coffee cup, stub your toe on the trash can, and drop a four-letter word in front of your slack-jawed toddler. That’s…

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Self-Care is More than a Spa Day

I am 38.99 years old (let’s not wave the 39-year-old banner until the official moment in four days, okay?) and I am a big, fat sissy about going to the dentist. I am a huge whiny baby. I am full on toddler drama packaged in a grown woman’s body. I go all, I’m an adult and you can’t make me. I throw around excuses like life is complicated, I’m busy, and I’ll do it soon. I make false promises like I’ll call them on Monday. I may hurl a you aren’t the boss of me at the most casual of…

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When I Grow Up

Good news, my three-year-old has announced that she’s going to be a dragon when she grows up. Not just any old dragon, she’s going to be a mean-eyed, fire-breathing dragon with wings so she can fly. And not the extinct kind, the ALIVE kind.  I’m not sure if I’m frightened or proud of her creative vision and determination. A little bit of both, I think.  I’m ashamed to admit that when presented with this information, I may have suggested that she will always be a human, even when she’s big. Eleanor gasped in great offense and shed a possible tear.…

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